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Traditioneel Marokkaans restaurant 
Traditional Moroccan restaurant 


Van Woustraat 89 in Amsterdam


Back in 2012 we, two young dudes from Amsterdam, were inspired in California by the many cool Moroccan restaurants we visited and came up with the idea that we would someday also open up a place, combining everything we loved about the land where our parents came from…The Magical Kingdom of Morocco.

With our grandmothers recipes, fresh spices from mystical Moroccan souks (markets) and the Moroccan hospitality our mums taught us so well Restaurant MOZO was born in 2013. Restaurant MOZO is our homeage to Morocco in one of the most hip and trendy areas of Amsterdam called De Pijp.

Our kitchen produces the most favorite Moroccan dishes. Couscous, tajines, bastilla and so much more amazing stuff! So drop in and get acquainted with the diverse and rich flavors of the magnificent Moroccan kitchen.

You are very welcome on: 

Tuesday 1700 until 2200h
Wednesday  1700 until 2200h
Thursday 1700 until 2200h
Friday 1700 until 2300h
Saturday 1400 until 2300h
Sunday 1700 until 2300h

Moroccan High Tea every Saturday from 1400 till 1700h and Sunday from 1430 till 1700h.

Our restaurant is HALAL.
So NO alcohol (GEEN alcohol). But we do serve the strongest Moroccan tea in Amsterdam ;-)

On sundays free parking!