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Traditioneel Marokkaans restaurant | Traditional Moroccan restaurant 


Van Woustraat 89 in Amsterdam

Download our menu at the bottom of this page (download ons menu onderaan deze pagina). Our menu is for 1-8p, for parties of 9p or larger we have a group menu (ons menu is voor 1 tot 8p, vanaf 9p geldt het groepsmenu).

Morocco is a vibrant, bustling and varied country and has a cuisine to match: a melange of Berber, Andalusian, Arabic and European flavours that combine to create unique dishes.

Some rules within the Moroccan kitchen are to always work with the freshest spices, don't mess to much with recipes passed along for centuries and you really need to take your time...calling it a slowfood kitchen is an understatement.

We use our grandmothers recipes (and yes, some tajines take five hours to cook) with a little twist here and there to make it our own. We buy our fresh spices in small quantities from the souks (markets) in Morocco. Our Hashaab (grocer, but his main job is to mix spices) is located in the historic Andalusian medina (centre) of Tetouan and is the same Hashaab (nowadays his grandson) were our grandmothers use to buy their spices way back in time!

So drop in, relax and imagine yourself lost in the mystical medinas of Morocco by tasting the enchanting Bastilla, the mesmerizing Tajine Tahlia (a five hour stew of veal, honey and special Tahlia spices) or our surprising Moroccan tapas.

And yes, contrary to what some people might believe, we are very vegetarian and vegan friendly! Actually we’re friendly to everyone, even the glutenfree people ;-)

Our restaurant is HALAL.
So NO alcohol (GEEN alcohol). But we do serve the strongest Moroccan tea in Amsterdam ;-)